South Pacific Christian Ministries

Reaching the People of the South Pacific Islands

New Name, New Vision

Chapel by the Sea

Bridges of Light Christian Ministries is now South Pacific Christian Ministries. What began many years ago in the little Chapel by the Sea in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii ministering to local families and tourist, has now been redirected to the small island communities of the South Pacific.

church picnicThere are hundreds of small island communities throughout the South Pacific, many of which can only be reached by boat. These hard to reach communities are isolated and aften overlooked.

Our Vision is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those people    On the physical side, where possible, based on local laws and availability, we will provide Medical Supplies and Services.   We will also provide family Water Filter units and Community based Disaster Response Training where needed.   On the spiritual side, we provide assistance to local Pastors, training for believers, and conduct outreaches to draw in non-believers.   Everything that we will do and everything that we will provide will have a focus on the message of Jesus Christ and the full work of the Cross.

David and Lisa Myrick

Medical Supplies and Services

We desire to provide free medical supplies to island care givers. Most importantly, when and where possible, free medical services to help meet the needs of the people.   Medical Supplies will be limited by local laws and availability.   At a minimum, first aid suplies will be provided.   Medical services will be based on available volunteers.

Water Filters

While water is often abundant in the South Pacific, clean drinking water can be hard to find. Our desire is to provide the water filters free to any island family that needs one. There are a number of low cost, easy to use, gravity fed, water filters available today. These filters can be provided to individual families with either water bags or five gallon buckets. They remove the majority of bacteria and other contaminates. Because they do not require power and will last up to ten years, they are perfect for island households. 

Disaster Response Training

Those who live in the South Pacific face a wide range of threats from Typhoons, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Floods and Volcanic Eruptions, to name a few.  How you prepare for these events determines the ease of response and the pace of the recovery.  With our experience providing Disaster Response Training, we will bring that knowledge to those who need it the most. Mat and Jessica

Helping Island Churches

Kalani Hamm - Mighty Woman of God

We will provide a helping hand to local churches, by providing a variey of Bible based classes to local believers and helping local Pastors minister to their people.   

The Vessel

vessel top view example

A fifty to sixty-five foot catamaran will enable us to sail to these small islands and to carry the supplies and personnel needed. While a monohull could be used, a catamaran offers more space for personnel and cargo.  The duplication of equipment and the fact that newer catamarans can not sink is a great asset.   With the potential for months at sea, sailing between islands, the ability to house a team comfortably and carry all the necessary supplies is vital to the mission.

Be a Part

You may not be able to go with us to visit those islands, but you can still be a part by sowing into this ministry. Your monthly or one time gift will change lives. The fruit of this ministry will be counted as your fruit, because you enabled it to take place.