South Pacific Christian Ministries

About Us

Who We ArePastor David Myrick, Lisa Myrick

South Pacific Christian Ministries is a Non-Profit Organization registered in the State of Hawaii. What began many years ago in the little Chapel by the Sea in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii ministering to local families and tourist, has now been redirected to the small island communities of the South Pacific.

We are a charismatic independent ministry seeking to change the lives of the people of the South Pacific through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by meeting their needs.

Senior Pastor

Pastor David Myrick is the founder and senior Pastor of South Pacific Christian Ministries. In 2002 God directed him to move to the Big Island of Hawaii. What began as a small home group ministering to people of different local churches grew to become a Church, Bridges of Life Christian Ministries.

Pastor Myrick served in various positions on the Board of the Kona Ministers Fellowship for many years. He also served on the Board of the KMF Bible Institute; where he taught several classes. The Kona Ministers Fellowship is a group Pastors from different denominations who support one another and work together to help believers on the West side of the Big Island.

Associate Pastor

Lisa Myrick serves as an Associate Pastor, working along side of Pastor Myrick. Lisa Myrick, brings a vast knowledge of team building, leadership training, and diasaster response training. Through her work at the church and with Civil Air Patrol (CAP), she has touched the lives of teenagers and adults alike.

Lisa Myrick has served in CAP positions from the local squadren to the National leadership. She has served in numerous disaster response teams, dealing with hurricanes, tsunami and other types of events. She has taught many classes on Leadership and Disaster Response.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consist of Pastor David Myrick, Associate Pastor Lisa Myrick, Denise Wiegand and Joshua Wiegand. Denise Wiegand is an Emergency Room Nurse and Joshua Wiegand is a Pharmacist. The Wiegand's bring their medical expertise to the ministry.

What We Believe

First and foremost, we believe that the Bible is God's Word. That it is without error and the absolute truth. We believe that God alone determines what is sin not man. We believe that Jesus not only paid for our sins on the cross, but our peace, healing and prosperity. We believe that there is only one true God and only one way to eternal life with Him, through Jesus Christ. We believe that the God of Israel, Abraham and Isaac is the only true God.

Some of our beliefs may not be popular, but we do not seek to line up with what is popular. We seek to line up with God's Word, the Absolute Truth, the expression of His Love and Grace.   We believe our relationship with God is made possible only by what Christ did and not by what we can do to earn it.