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Bible Studies by Pastor David Myrick

  • What Makes A Truth Real?

    An important question. Another is how to we identify lies that we hold to be true and truths that we do not really accept as truths? This study lays the foundation to enable you to see the truth and accept it as fact, and how to identify lies that you hold to be true.

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  • The Wedding

    Through the miracle of the water turned to wine and the parable of the Wedding of a King’s Son discover truths about God’s Word, who we are as believers and the work of the cross. These truths can help you grow in Christ and become all who God has destined you to be.

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  • Seeds of Doubt

    In "Seeds of Doubt" we explore that nature of God's Word, the devil’s tactics and how our view of God's Word impacts our walk with God.

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  • Lukewarm Is Dangerous

    The "Lukewarm is Dangerous" study examines the parables of the vine and the ten virgins; along with Jesus’ message to the church of Ephesus and of the Laodiceans to identify the importance and reward of a close relationship with God. In addition, we examine the potential consequence of allowing your passion for the LORD to diminish.

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  • Face To Face

    Exodus describes how Moses spoke to God, face to face, an uncommon experience at that time. Very few people are described in the Word, the same level of relationship with God as Moses did. The work of the cross shows God’s desire to have that level of relationship with all of us. This study explores what it means to have a face to face relationship with God and how to pursue it.

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  • Hunting Elephants

    Are you ready to hunt elephants?

    Dark strongholds in our hearts, such as shame, sin and lies held as truth are all the elephants in our lives. This study will help you identify the elephants in your life and equip you to deal with them. It will help you learn to effectively use God's mighty elephant gun.

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  • The Fragrance

    In this study you will learn the secret of releasing a something that the LORD greatly desires. You will also learn about escaping the traps that would seek to hide it's value.

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  • Blinded By Unbelief

    What does it means to be Blinded by Unbelief?  Rejection of God’s Word as truth or ignorance of His Word causes spiritual blindness. It is a dangerous to have ears to hear, but hear not; or eyes to see and perceive not.  This study identifys the cause and cure of spiritual blindness.

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  • Walking On Water

    This study examines the event of Jesus and Peter walking on the water and Peter's response found in Matthew 14. It is important to understand the significance of Jesus' instructions to the disciples, His Word to Peter, Peter's triumph and failure, along with Jesus' response to Peter's failure.

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  • The Accused

    The adulterest woman brought before Jesus is a story of Grace, Truth, God’s Mercy and His great Love. Explore the images, the story within the story and how it relates to the believer.

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  • Who Are You?

    A common saying in the Church is “I’m just a sinner saved by Grace” or “Just a worm”. We will explore the truth of these statements in this study; along with how a believer’s self view impacts their relationship with God.

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  • Healing

    The question of divine healing, the gift of healing, divides much of the western church today. There are many opinions and church doctrines on the subject. As with any question regarding God and believers today, His Word has the answers. In this study we will explore this issue.

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